2023 Spring Social Comp Finals Draw

Published Sun 10 Dec 2023

Thank you for your patience, here is the draw for our Finals week to be played Tuesday 12 December. Please read the draw carefully and be on time for your scheduled game and duty. 
Only the top four from each grade will be playing finals due to the limited court space and match format. 
All matches will be played as follows:
  • Untimed, best-of-3 sets
  • 10 minute warm up still applies
  • If a third set is required, the winner shall be first to 15 points with a 2-point lead.
  • The losers of the first match will be the team doing duty for the second match.
  • Match will start at scheduled time where possible.
    • If unable to do so, first serve shall be 10 minutes after the completion of the previous match
Thanks to all other teams who played this season, hope to see you all next season commencing in February 2024.